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Total Divas Season 3 Episode 2 Recap
Posted by: adminon September, 16thin Total Divas

It’s another week of high-flying drama as we pick up at last week’s cliffhanger of John confronting Nikki with the drugs he found in her office. Shockingly, he’s more relieved than angry when he discovers that Nikki isn’t hoarding illegal drugs, but is instead planning to freeze her eggs. Of course, why John assumed they were illegal drugs right off the bat is a question that is conveniently dropped.

Life is chugging along a lot more smoothly for the other half of the Bella Twins, as it’s the big day where Brie and Bryan get to move into their dream home. The happy vibes come to a screeching halt as the two bicker over home-improvement plans. Bryan wants to go green, complete with solar panels, while Brie is hell-bent on remodeling the bathroom. Brie makes a pretty compelling point that she has been working for years so she can have her dream house, but Nikki cautions that Brie needs to learn how to compromise with Bryan. We are also treated with what now seems to be an obligatory reality-show mantra when Brie reminds Bryan, “Happy life, happy wife.” Anyone want to ask Joe Giudice how that worked out for him?

Last week’s unsung hero, Mark Carrano, makes another appearance this week, dropping a major bomb on the Funkadactyls. The creative team has decided that Trinity (WWE’s Naomi) will embark on a singles career, with Ariane (WWE’s Cameron) serving as her valet. The news comes as a blow to both women, who have been tag team partners for over two years.

Nikki and John have a heart-to-heart about her fertility plans, with John uncharacteristically emotional. Nikki offers to bail on her egg-freezing scheme if it will put John’s mind at ease. But when Brie hears the news, she lets her twin have it with both barrels, accurately pointing out that this is yet one more thing Nikki is giving up for John. Nikki’s resolve is further tested when she spends some time with her niece and realizes that having children is definitely something she wants in her future. She tells John she is going ahead with the procedure and, in a moment no one saw coming, John actually decides to be supportive.

Bryan and Brie’s house squabbles take a backseat when Bryan learns he has to have neck surgery and that his recuperation could cost him his titles. He tells Brie that he will be off the tour for the foreseeable future. Another blow is dealt when Brie discovers that she will be doing press in New York while Bryan goes under the knife in Pittsburgh.

Poor Trinity is still struggling with the idea of going solo and gets a pep talk from Jon. He reminds her that she is being given an opportunity and has to grab at it with both hands. Ariane isn’t faring any better. Though she accompanies Trinity to the ring for Trinity’s first solo match, she realizes that standing on the outside of the ring isn’t her dream. So she makes the very baller choice of asking Mark to send her back down to NXT. He scoffs at first, but Ariane reminds him that she only had three months of development, while the average is over two years. And she’s willing to start over and possibly risk career suicide if it means that she could possible one day be the Divas Champion.

Bryan is out of surgery and is encouraged to be recovering his strength. But his hopes of getting right back into the ring are squashed when the WWE doctor tells Bryan and Brie that Bryan is going to be out far longer than anyone initially thought. And because not working means not getting paid, the two new homeowners are suddenly faced with the possibility of some very real money issues.

Trinity gets wind of Ariane’s plan to return to development when her duo partner casually drops the news backstage. Let’s just say that it doesn’t go well. Ariane believes that Trinity is being selfish, while Trinity can’t believe Ariane made such a huge decision without consulting her first. Is this really the end of the Funkadactyls?


Total Divas Season 3 Ratings
Posted by: adminon September, 10thin Total Divas

According to TV By The Numbers, Total Divas returned to TV last night with over 1.2 million viewers, up 15% from the season two premiere. Total Divas also got over 26,000 tweets during the show, making it the number one digital ad-supported cable program of the night, besides sporting events.

Congrats to all the Total Divas, and be sure to catch Total Divas, every Sunday night at 9/8c, only on E!

Total Divas Season 3 Premiere Recap
Posted by: adminon September, 8thin Total Divas

When last we left our high-lying, bedazzled damsels, the Divas had just survived Wrestlemania XXX, Brie and Daniel Bryan finally tied the knot, and Nikki’s secret marriage was exposed. Basically, it was a cornucopia of over-the-top drama. A quick montage of those events sets up a premiere that should be equally larger than life. Instead, what the audience gets is a well-done hour that is far more based in reality than it is in camp.

Sure, there are nude Divas and silly scheming, but there is also a very real look at issues that have very real consequences. From Eva Marie’s realization that her father is dying to Nikki’s desire to be a mother to a frank conversation about faith, tonight’s premiere reminded viewers why the ratings for this reality show continue to soar. As our trusty ring announcer would say, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Inspired by Brie and Bryan’s romantic wedding, Eva Marie decides that she wants to have a ceremony of her own. She convinces her new husband, Jonathan, and the two decide that photos of Eva Marie clad only in bra, panties and stiletto boots would make the perfect Save the Date card photo. Later, Eva Marie shares the photos with Naomi and Titus O’Neil, who sums up the thoughts of audiences far and wide with an “Oh, hell no!”

Rosa Mendes returns after a year and a half in rehab, and quickly establishes herself as a fount of wisdom when she tells a disapproving Nattie that side-boob is the new cleavage. She then watches as 10 Divas throw down in an epic battle royale. We see Nattie take a dive over the top rope, Naomi drop-kicks Cameron, and a host of other women display an array of impressive physicality. It also reminds the audience that despite their makeup and heels, these women are first and foremost world-class athletes.

Back home in Phoenix, the Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki, talk about Nikki’s romance with John Cena. Apparently Nikki’s deception has been forgiven, with the commitment-phobic John even posing the hypothetical question of whether marriage to him would be enough for Nikki. Brie quickly throws cold water on Nikki’s romantic musings by suggesting that she freeze her eggs just in case things don’t work out with John. Brie reasons that it’s the perfect insurance policy should Nikki wind up 40 and alone.

The WWE comes rolling into Cincinnati and Mark Carrano, the senior director of talent, wastes no time in assembling the Divas and laying down the law. Thanks to Mark, we finally learn that Summer has not gone AWOL after last season’s beat-down by Nattie, but is instead off filming a movie. He also assigns Nattie to be Rosa’s “big sister,” much to the chagrin of both women.

Eva Marie and Jonathan travel to California, with Jonathan begging his wife to not throw him under the bus with her family. Clearly he remembers lasts season’s über-awkward dinner where they dropped the bomb of their elopement. But Jonathan need not fear, as Eva Marie’s family is beyond ecstatic about the news of their impending ceremony. Unfortunately, in the minds of her parents, this means a Catholic ceremony. Too bad Jonathan isn’t Catholic. They then show the family the Playboy-esque Save the Date photos, and their reaction is pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

Nikki is going full steam ahead with her egg-freezing plan and has decided not to tell John until after the procedure. You know, because keeping secrets from him has worked so well in the past. The family celebrates Nikki’s decision, and Bryan even offers to donate sperm to his sister-in-law because that’s not weird at all. Brie accompanies Nikki to the fertility doctor and gets more than an eyeful of what is involved in actually harvesting your own eggs. For her part, Nikki is equally taken aback when the fertility doctor tells her that she will have to refrain from sex and drinking until after the procedure.

Back with the family, Eva Marie accidentally discovers that her father’s cancer has returned and that it’s inoperable. It is at this moment that True Divas elevates itself above most other reality-show fare. Eva Marie’s reaction isn’t one of histrionics, but of controlled fear. Both her deep love for her father as well as her sheer panic at the prospect of losing him play out on her face. The result is one of the most honest reactions to cancer ever captured on television.

She decides to ask Jonathan to convert to Catholicism so that her dad’s dream of walking her down the aisle in a Catholic church comes true. Here again, real life takes center stage as Jonathan explains that the most important relationship in his life is with God and that he can’t betray that even if it disappoints Eva Marie. Seriously, when was the last time you saw an honest conversation about faith on a reality show? If you answered “Never,” then you’d be right.

Meanwhile, Rosa greets her new on-the-road roomie, Nattie, at the door wearing nothing but a smile. Nattie manages to squirm for a few minutes before finally caving and asking Rosa to put on some clothes. One episode in and it’s already clear that this is the start of a fabulously dysfunctional friendship.

Back at Casa de Cena, we learn that John doesn’t like window treatments and that Nikki is still bent on keeping him in the dark about her fertility plans. As John shows the interior designer around, Nikki engages in some cloak-and-dagger action with the fertility nurse, who is forced to draw the wrestling superstar’s blood in the closet.

It’s the night of Rosa’s big return to the ring and she’s in full freak-out mode. It doesn’t help that Titus is back and dropping more truth bombs, this time telling Rosa she looks beat. And it really doesn’t help that Rosa catches the other Divas making fun of her right before she hits the ring. She winds up losing her match against Nattie and tearfully tells the other Diva how disappointed she is in her performance. Nattie gives her a pep talk and tells her the one truth no one can deny: Every Diva wants Rosa to fail because they want to be the one to take her spot.

We wrap up this heavy premier with John discovering Nikki’s fertility injectable and Eva Marie vowing to her father that somehow, some way, she will have a Catholic ceremony!