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Total Divas

Role: Natayla 
Status: Season 3 begins September 2014 
Network: E! 

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. 

Ring Name: Natayla 
Role: WWE Diva 
Network: Worldwide



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‘Total Divas’ named ‘Best Reality Show’ by popsugar.com
Posted by: adminon January, 5thin News

“Total Divas” has been named “Best Reality Show” in popsugar.com’s Best of 2014 Awards! E!’s hit reality show starring the Divas won thanks to plenty of support from the WWE Universe, earning the honor by a huge margin — 76 percent of the vote!

Tune in to all-new episodes of “Total Divas” Sunday nights at 9/8 CT on E!.

Check out all the winners on popsugar.com and watch highlights from the “Total Divas” midseason premiere.

‘Total Divas’ Season 3, Episode 11 recap: Paige-turner
Posted by: adminon January, 5thin Total Divas

So, about that talk …

Nikki Bella and John Cena’s cliffhanger encounter from the midseason finale of E!’s “Total Divas” ends with something of a tentative breakup between the two in the opening minutes of the midseason premiere. Interesting to note that Cena doesn’t acknowledge it was a sit-down with Brie Bella that prompted him to cut Nikki loose. The Champ’s willingness to fall on his sword leaves Brie wracked with guilt, and while she initially refuses to cop to provoking the breakup, Mama Bella demands that Brie lay her cards on the table and give her sister the whole truth. Predictably, this plan fails horribly: Nikki chews out her entire family, which leads to a spectacular shouting match and bad blood between the sisters … which actually turns out to be exactly when Nikki turns on Brie at SummerSlam and feeds her to Stephanie McMahon in the ring.

Watch: Latest “Total Divas” highlights | Midseason premiere photos!

In other news, the midseason premiere also introduces one half of the cast’s new dynamic duo, the troublemaking British Diva Paige. Already a divisive presence in the Divas locker room thanks to her hyperspeed rise to the Divas Championship, Paige goes about causing a ruckus almost instantly by playing a prank on Natalya. It goes so fantastically awry that it leads Natalya to fake a car accident to avoid its repercussions. The fallout is so instantaneous and absolute that even the ultimate peace offering — a gift for Natalya’s cats — can’t smooth things over, and by the end of the episode, Natalya has found herself a brand-new enemy to carry her through the remainder of the season. Welcome back, everybody.

“Total Divas” returns to its regular scheduled time – 9/8 CT – next Sunday on E!.

Posted by: adminon December, 22ndin Photos

Ever wonder what happens when the Divas go patriotic? See Natalya, Naomi and more channel their inner pin-up with this exclusive gallery, just in time for WWE Tribute to the Troops 2014


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