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Total Divas

Role: Natayla 
Status: Season 3 begins September 2014 
Network: E! 

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. 

Ring Name: Natayla 
Role: WWE Diva 
Network: Worldwide



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Photo Gallery Update: Diva Focus Photos
Posted by: adminon November, 4thin Photos

Ive Added Natayla’s Newest Diva Focus Photos to our gallery, check them out by clicking the links below


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New ‘Total Divas’ cast members revealed!
Posted by: adminon November, 4thin News, Total Divas

LOS ANGELES – When “Total Divas” returns to E! with all-new episodes on Jan. 4 at 10/9 CT, a new duo emerges to shake up the dynamics of the cast: WWE Divas Paige and Alicia Fox. Former WWE Divas Champion Paige is a raven-haired Diva who preaches a simple message: She wants to mix it up in the ring. She first began battling when she was 13, following her family of English wrestlers, and gained prominence inside the WWE’s NXT Division, as the first NXT Women’s Champion. Similarly, the stunning and lithesome Alicia Fox has proven herself to be far more ferocious and eccentric than anyone ever expected. The talented Ms. Fox has etched her name in WWE record books as the first African-American woman to win the Divas Championship. Together, the two ladies, along with friend WWE Diva Rosa Mendes, form a clique in the locker room that rivals The Bella Twins and WWE Diva Cameron, leaving Nattie stuck in the middle.

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As season three progresses, a longtime rivalry between Cameron and Alicia forces the two Divas to go head-to-head. On the couples’ front, Nikki and Cena are on the outs after he blindsided her with the idea that they may not be meant for each other. Brie also has to confess to Nikki that she went behind her back and confronted Cena about his stance on marriage that led to the couple’s turmoil. Newlywed Eva Marie struggles with some surprising health issues, and Brie seriously considers giving up her exciting career for a more domestic life.

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In addition, as Nattie deals with her imploding marriage and its subsequent fallout, she looks to family and friends for support, which includes moving into Cena’s house. This proves problematic when she finds out he is very allergic to cats, and Nattie can’t fathom parting with her furry friends.

All-new episodes start Sunday, Jan. 4, at 10/9 CT, before returning to its regular time slot at 9/8 CT beginning Jan. 11.

“Total Divas” is produced by WWE and Bunim-Murray Productions. Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein, Jeff Jenkins and Russell Jay are Executive Producers for Bunim-Murray Productions. Kevin Dunn and Will Staeger are Executive Producers for WWE.

Total Divas Season 3 Episode 2 Recap
Posted by: adminon September, 16thin Total Divas

It’s another week of high-flying drama as we pick up at last week’s cliffhanger of John confronting Nikki with the drugs he found in her office. Shockingly, he’s more relieved than angry when he discovers that Nikki isn’t hoarding illegal drugs, but is instead planning to freeze her eggs. Of course, why John assumed they were illegal drugs right off the bat is a question that is conveniently dropped.

Life is chugging along a lot more smoothly for the other half of the Bella Twins, as it’s the big day where Brie and Bryan get to move into their dream home. The happy vibes come to a screeching halt as the two bicker over home-improvement plans. Bryan wants to go green, complete with solar panels, while Brie is hell-bent on remodeling the bathroom. Brie makes a pretty compelling point that she has been working for years so she can have her dream house, but Nikki cautions that Brie needs to learn how to compromise with Bryan. We are also treated with what now seems to be an obligatory reality-show mantra when Brie reminds Bryan, “Happy life, happy wife.” Anyone want to ask Joe Giudice how that worked out for him?

Last week’s unsung hero, Mark Carrano, makes another appearance this week, dropping a major bomb on the Funkadactyls. The creative team has decided that Trinity (WWE’s Naomi) will embark on a singles career, with Ariane (WWE’s Cameron) serving as her valet. The news comes as a blow to both women, who have been tag team partners for over two years.

Nikki and John have a heart-to-heart about her fertility plans, with John uncharacteristically emotional. Nikki offers to bail on her egg-freezing scheme if it will put John’s mind at ease. But when Brie hears the news, she lets her twin have it with both barrels, accurately pointing out that this is yet one more thing Nikki is giving up for John. Nikki’s resolve is further tested when she spends some time with her niece and realizes that having children is definitely something she wants in her future. She tells John she is going ahead with the procedure and, in a moment no one saw coming, John actually decides to be supportive.

Bryan and Brie’s house squabbles take a backseat when Bryan learns he has to have neck surgery and that his recuperation could cost him his titles. He tells Brie that he will be off the tour for the foreseeable future. Another blow is dealt when Brie discovers that she will be doing press in New York while Bryan goes under the knife in Pittsburgh.

Poor Trinity is still struggling with the idea of going solo and gets a pep talk from Jon. He reminds her that she is being given an opportunity and has to grab at it with both hands. Ariane isn’t faring any better. Though she accompanies Trinity to the ring for Trinity’s first solo match, she realizes that standing on the outside of the ring isn’t her dream. So she makes the very baller choice of asking Mark to send her back down to NXT. He scoffs at first, but Ariane reminds him that she only had three months of development, while the average is over two years. And she’s willing to start over and possibly risk career suicide if it means that she could possible one day be the Divas Champion.

Bryan is out of surgery and is encouraged to be recovering his strength. But his hopes of getting right back into the ring are squashed when the WWE doctor tells Bryan and Brie that Bryan is going to be out far longer than anyone initially thought. And because not working means not getting paid, the two new homeowners are suddenly faced with the possibility of some very real money issues.

Trinity gets wind of Ariane’s plan to return to development when her duo partner casually drops the news backstage. Let’s just say that it doesn’t go well. Ariane believes that Trinity is being selfish, while Trinity can’t believe Ariane made such a huge decision without consulting her first. Is this really the end of the Funkadactyls?